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Chemical Wastewater

Highlights: security, resource recovery, embedded solutions
There are many kinds and complex components of chemical wastewater, and most of them are wastewater with high concentrations, high chroma, high salt content, more toxic and harmful substances, and are more difficult to biodegrade. Chemical enterprises such as the coal chemical industry, petrochemical industry and fine chemical industry, assign great importance to the safety and stability of the system and waste recycling. They have been committed to finding a green development mode, reducing pollutant discharge, reducing wastewater discharge and strengthening resource recovery.

According to the actual water quality characteristics of different types of chemical waste water, and combined with the understanding of the production process of chemical enterprises, the whole process from fruition to the termination is systematically controlled by using the embedded system to separate the quality and ensure the safety and stability of the chemical waste water treatment system, resource recovery, high efficiency and energy saving.

E2NRTM technology provides biochemical process system solutions with high efficiency and low energy consumption. This ensures that the wastewater can meet the discharge standards and save energy and reduce consumption.

UHASB® is applied to the biochemical pretreatment of chemical wastewater. It provides biological chain breaking technology, improves the biodegradability, degrades organic nitrogen and organic phosphorus, and has strong impact resistance to the change of water quantity and quality.

EBO-AOPTM(EBO-Fenton® , EBO-STM, and EBO-O3TM) can be used to remove toxic and harmful substances at the outset to ensure the safe and stable operation of biochemical process, or to remove COD in the terminal advanced treatment.