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Hydrolysis and acidification process USES microorganisms to convert insoluble complex organic matter into soluble simple organic matter in the first and second (hydrolysis and acid production) stages of anaerobic digestion, so as to effectively improve the B/C ratio of water quality. This process is particularly advantageous in industrial wastewate
EBO-UHASB Upflow Hydrolysis Acidification Reactor

Through the hydrolysis and acidification processes, the insoluble refractory organics are decomposed into soluble simple organics to improve the biodegradability of the wastewater, thereby reducing the difficulty and operational costs of the overall syste

EBO-HAT Hydrolysis Acidification Tower

Different from IC and EGSB reactors, EBO-HAT can be used for low concentration and toxic wastewater, especially applicable in the fields of textile, chemical, pharmacy and paper making industry. Columnar structure occupies a small area, can be installed a

EBO-FENTON Catalytic Oxidation Reactor

Fenton reaction is a solution of hydrogen peroxide with ferrous iron as a catalyst that is used to oxidize contaminants in waste waters.EBO-FENTON is combined with fluidized bed, catalytic oxidation and carrier coating technologies, which can effectively

Intelligent Aeration System

Ebo provides the integrated solution for aeration system. We have different types of aerators, including tubes, discs and plates, with fixed or liftable air-supply pipeline. Fine-bubble aeration membranes are resistant to corrosion and high temperature, a

EBO-DNF Denitrification Filter

EBO-DNF is a new type of media filter designed for maintaining bio-growth on the media to maximize the biological denitrification process. With both constant and variable water level control, it slows the drop of water temperature that improves the nitrog

Microbial Augmentation

Combining special bateria with nutrients and biological enzymes, Microbial Augmentation technique can be used in the aerobic and anaerobic process of WWTP. Extra nutrients are not needed. It has the advantages of increasing removal rate of COD, BOD, TN, T