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Creat value for customers

We are focusing on customers, working closely with our partners, providing targeted, efficient, energy-saving and stable systematic solutions to meet customers' long-term needs for environmental protection and sustainable development of enterprises.

Talent value-added

Innovation, technology research and development oriented by customer demand, realizes continuous innovation driven by talent strategy are necessary for us. Constantly focus on talent value-added to discover and solve problems from practice.

  • Process Engineer

    Your Responsibilities: 1. Ensure the technical route design and review marketing and construction stage in the project ; 2. Provide the design of preliminary scheme or bidding technical scheme;

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  • Project Manager / Sales Engineer

    Your Responsibilities: 1. Familiar with the company's product technology, understand the industry market situation; 2. Responsible for collecting new customer information and communication, visit, regularly report the work situation;

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  • Commissioning engineer

    Your Responsibilities: 1. Be responsible for realizing drawings and design schemes on site; 2. Ensure the sewage treatment project site installation and debugging;

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  • Project Manager

    Your Responsibilities: 1. Be responsible for joint review of drawings, preparation of construction organization design scheme and schedule; 2. Be responsible for the preparation and collection of construction process data, and filling in the construction log;

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  • Financial Accounting Analyst

    Your Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for accounting, financial statement preparation, voucher sorting, bookbinding and account entry, accurate and timely statement preparation; 2. Be responsible for the external liaison of bank tax, industry and commerce, etc;

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